How can an herbalist help me find better health?

What can an herbalist do for me?Have you considered seeing an herbalist for a holistic health consultation, but aren’t sure it’s right for you? I’ve got 10 reasons why you might want to give it further consideration.

1. You’re looking for a more natural approach to a health concern

This is the most obvious reason to see a holistic health consultant like an herbalist. From viral concerns like HSV and shingles, to autoimmune disease, to hormonal issues, someone trained in vitalist herbalism can help you find methods alternative to pharmaceuticals to help you manage your condition. This doesn’t mean you need to stop taking any prescription drug you’re on – in fact, a well-trained herbalist will never recommend you stop taking something your doctor has advised. Rather, we will look at additional ways to best support your body to not only improve your condition, but your overall health in general.

2. You want to be healthier and don’t know where to start

Most of us would not only agree that striving toward better health is a common goal, but that doing so is a lot easier said than done. If you know you want to find a healthier way to live your life, but are overwhelmed by the idea or aren’t sure where to start, a clinically-trained herbalist can be an excellent guide. You may think an herbalist knows solely about herbs, but that’s not the case at all. Clinical herbalists are thoroughly trained in physiology, nutrition, & pathology, making them a great resource for anyone looking to kick off a journey toward better health.

3. To get an outside perspective

Perhaps you’re knowledgeable in the areas of health and wellness – that doesn’t mean seeing an herbalist would be a waste of time for you. Did you know that most herbalists also have an herbalist? While we can most certainly formulate for ourselves, we often turn to our colleagues because a perspective that’s not our own is invaluable. It’s frequently true that having someone on the outside look at whatever is going on can be quite illuminating, as we tend to overlook aspects of our own personal situations.

4. You’re feeling tired and sluggish

Why do I feel so tired?In this day and age, people often write off fatigue as a simple factor of life. It simply doesn’t have to be this way. In many cases, slight lifestyle and/or dietary changes can make a huge difference when it comes to improving energy levels. And of course, we can find huge amounts of support in herbs when making these shifts.

5. Your digestion is wonky

Whether it’s inconsistent bowel movements or something severe like IBS or Crohn’s disease, digestive care and improvement is a core component of any good herbalist’s practice. When someone is in a state of disease or illness, digestive healing is often the first area of concentration, and rightfully so. Believe it or not, anything from anxiety & depression, to chronic migraines, to systemic inflammation can all be improved when you take the time to heal your digestive system.

6. Your immune system needs a boost

Intrinsically tied to a healthy gut is a healthy immune system. While boosting your immune system absolutely starts in the gut, so many factors play into why an immune system has been weakened. Knowing every individual’s situation is unique, your herbalist will take the time to determine the cause of your immune depletion, and then formulate with herbs and supplements specific to your needs.

7. You’re super stressed

How do I naturally manage stress?Stress is a major factor when it comes to overall health, which is why finding a way to manage  yours is crucial. Even if you’re not feeling the effects now (or you think you’re not), the consequences of living in a stressed-out state can include anxiety, depression, panic attacks, weight gain, musculoskeletal pain, endocrine disturbance, diabetes, heart disease, heart attacks, strokes, and much more. An herbalist has many tools to help you manage the effects of both short-term and long-term stress, including adaptogenic herbs, dietary recommendations, and easy-to-incorporate lifestyle practices.

8. Your daily diet needs help

Similar to striving for better health, seeking out a more nutritious diet is a very common goal that easily overwhelms us. An herbalist can not only help you determine the right nutritional plan specifically for you, but will also assist in meal-planning, creating grocery lists, and even recipe-finding. The right herbalist knows to meet you where you are, and won’t throw anything at you that you’re not ready to take on. So whether you want to do a dietary elimination, or simply need a few tips to plan your weekly lunches, an herbalist is a fantastic resource.

9. You don’t know if you should be taking vitamins/supplements

Do I need to take vitamins?There is so much conflicting information on supplementing with vitamins and minerals – some say it’s completely worthless while some recommend 20 different things! The truth is, there is no blanket statement that applies to everyone. An herbalist will do a thorough review of what’s going on with your body, and will know what specific vitamins or minerals maybe lacking by looking at your full picture of health. If it is determined that you could benefit from supplementation, your herbalist will recommend high-quality products while also keeping your budget in mind.

10. You’re curious and want to know more

This is perhaps the simplest reason of all – if you feel compelled to see an herbalist for a holistic health consultation, do it! Maybe you’re not ready for a full intake; that’s fine. Reach out to your local herbalist and let him or her know you’re interested in finding out what they can offer you and how they would work with you. A short 30-minute consultation can usually be scheduled at a very reasonable rate, and could be just what you need to starting living a healthier life.


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